FreeBSD, NVIDIA Driver 367.35 (or later), and dealing with the change of kernel module name to nvidia-modeset

Posted on Sun 28 August 2016 in FreeBSD • Tagged with freebsd, nvidia, graphics

UPDATE: A cleaner solution to this can be found in the section Cleaner Solution below. I moved it to the top as of August 30th. If you are still interested with the old cron based solution, it is in the section Old Solution.

Cleaner Solution: Looking at the comments on ...

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OnionLauncher Guide

Posted on Thu 23 June 2016 in Software • Tagged with onionlauncher, tor, software

OnionLauncher is a launcher for the Internet anonomity software Tor using Python, PyQt5, and Stem. It is similar to a prevoius project I done (TorNova), but is different in some aspects.

But the point of this article is to serve as a guide for OnionLauncher.

First, you should make sure ...

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Routing subnets behind a Asus RT-N56U with Padavan firmware

Posted on Tue 31 May 2016 in Networking • Tagged with asus, padavan, networking, cisco

Sometimes, I like to play with routing (no really) and for me, it is often desirable to route subnets to subrouters (like a Cisco box) behind a WLAN router that does NAT. In my case, the WLAN router is a Asus RT-N56U running Padavan. Unlike Tomato, which provides NAT for ...

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Hello World (again!)

Posted on Wed 09 March 2016 in Null

I accidentally deleted my Pelican website, but couldn't restore it so I had to start from scratch. Luckily, not much was on it. My server didn't crash, it was just human error.

Well, hello again!

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