FreeBSD, NVIDIA Driver 367.35 (or later), and dealing with the change of kernel module name to nvidia-modeset

UPDATE: A cleaner solution to this can be found in the section Cleaner Solution below. I moved it to the top as of August 30th. If you are still interested with the old cron based solution, it is in the section Old Solution.

Cleaner Solution: Looking at the comments on FreeBSD's subreddit, user rhavenn has come up with a cleaner solution. It doesn't require cron, but instead uses kld_list in /etc/rc.conf. What you need to put in rc.conf is:

kld_list="nvidia nvidia-modeset"

This solution is cleaner, and has the benifit of loading the driver before services are loaded, rather than after.

Old Solution: After upgrading the software on my desktop computer from FreeBSD Ports, I noticed that a new version of the NVIDIA driver landed.

But this isn't just a seamless upgrade. And I'm not talking about (Wine, but about the fact that the name of the kernel module for the NVIDIA driver has changed from nvidia to nvidia-modeset.

The change of the module name may not seem like a big deal, but the parser in the FreeBSD bootloader (or at least the UEFI one) doesn't recognize dashes for module names in /boot/loader.conf, and this is an issue for nvidia-modeset, but the good news: you can use cron as a workaround.

How? You need to put this in /etc/crontab (assuming that you don't use a login manager):

@reboot root /sbin/kldload nvidia-modeset

While the module won't load at boot time, it will load around the time you get to the login prompt. To make the changes active, just reboot. If you do not use a login manager, you can stop here.

On the other hand, if you do use a login manager, then a shell script can load both the NVIDIA driver and the login manager. If you do this, first, remove the line for your login manager in /etc/rc.conf, and then create a shell script containing these contents:

export PATH
kldload nvidia-modeset
sleep 2

Replace gdm with the name of your login manager of choice. Here, I use gdm because I use GNOME (at the time of writing), but you can make it something else like xdm or lightdm. Keep in mind that you need to have the PATH lines I shown otherwise your login manager might crash on startup (this has been confirmed by me with gdm). If you were wondering, the PATH variable is derived from FreeBSD's .profile.

After you made the shell script, you should make the shell script executable. In case you forgot how to do this, run this:


And if you took the script approach, put this in your /etc/crontab:


And reboot your system to take advantages of the changes.

And that's it. I hope you enjoy what I done.

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