OnionLauncher Guide

OnionLauncher is a launcher for the Internet anonomity software Tor using Python, PyQt5, and Stem. It is similar to a prevoius project I done (TorNova), but is different in some aspects.

But the point of this article is to serve as a guide for OnionLauncher.

First, you should make sure that you have all the dependencies installed. The installation varies between operating systems and distributions so I don't plan to cover it here. You will also need to have tor in your $PATH which won't be covered either. I will cover how to run OnionLauncher from two methods: from the source directory and if you installed it through setup.py or a packaging manager (like apt-get or pacman).

If you are running OnionLauncher from the source directory, you can launch it with something like this:

$ cd OnionLauncher/
$ python main.py

Replace python with the name and location of your Python intepreter.

If you have installed OnionLauncher from setup.py or a packaging manager, you can just run OnionLauncher like this:

$ OnionLauncher

I'm assuming you are on a Unix-like system if you used this method as I have not run OnionLauncher on Windows with setup.py.

After you have opened OnionLauncher, you should get a window that looks like

To start Tor with the default settings, you can just press Start Tor. Keep in mind that may take a few seconds to start. To stop Tor, you can press Stop Tor. Keep in mind that to the right of the (Start/Stop) Tor button, there is a label that mentions whether Tor is running or not.

OnionLauncher allows you to specify options (although it can't save them, for now at least). Clicking on the + button on the bottom left allows you to add a row. In the newly created row, you can specify an option in the Setting row and the parameter of the option you want to set in the Parameter row. If a option includes spaces, you need to add it in the Setting row (It worked better for me).

To remove an option, select a row, or a column from the row you want to delete, and then press the - button.

And that's all, or atleast for the current moment it is.

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