One year later, my statement on Twitter/X

If you are wondering why my Twitter/X account @_neelc is blank, it’s because of this reason: X is basically KiwiFarms, but mainstream: a platform to spread hate.

I have gotten politically conservative ads despite following tons of LGBTQ+ accounts, having a trans brother, and being non-binary and aromantic myself.

Pre-Elon Musk, I used to look up to Twitter as a company. Now, Twitter is a dumpster fire. The posts aren’t even high quality, just “low effort” garbage.

The only reason why I won’t nuke the account is because my DuckDNS dynamic DNS login is tied to Twitter. That only because Reddit login was nuked ages ago (well before the infamous API changes).

In hindsight, I should’ve used GitHub, but nobody can predict the future. I couldn’t predict that a literal Nazi will buy an important social platform, very less one I relied on heavily until last year.

As of now, I have deleted all my Tweets and replies. I don’t advocate use of Twitter and neither should you.

Nowadays, the most reliable way to follow me is on the Fediverse (a.k.a. “Mastodon”) at And yes, I self-host “Mastodon” (technically GoToSocial) alongside my email.

I will certainly miss non-tech accounts, especially those who couldn’t figure out Mastodon, very less run their own server like me. I guess there’s TikTok, not that TikTok is too great, but sadly now much better than Elon X.