The Tor Project (2014-Present)

Tor is an volunteer-run Internet anonymity service which routes traffic through three servers in an “onion” design.

I am a Core Tor contributor. My focus in Tor development is on Onion Services and IPv6 support. I have also contributed to other areas in Tor including exit policy configuration, entry guard optimizations, and FreeBSD support.

My Tor commits can be seen at Tor’s GitWeb.

In the past, I have briefly contributed to Stem, the Tor controller library in Python. I have since then refocused on Core Tor. My Stem commits can be seen at Stem’s GitWeb.

I also run Tor relays and exits, and have done so since 2014. My relays can be seen at Tor Relay Status.

FreeBSD Ports (2014-Present)

FreeBSD Ports is FreeBSD’s package management system. This is similar to other tools like Debian’s apt-get and Node’s npm.

I maintain Ports for a variety of software titles including Keras, Mongrel2, CloudCompare, and I2P.

A full list of Ports I maintain is available at FreshPorts, and my latest Ports updates can be seen at FreshBSD.

Miscellaneous Personal Software Projects

These are software projects I wrote at various points in time “for fun”. They include:

Keep in mind that most (if not all) of these are unmaintained.

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