This page is a list of projects I am involved in, and excludes school projects.

Current Projects

FreeBSD Ports

FreeBSD Ports is FreeBSD's package management system (like what apt-get is on Debian and Ubuntu). I maintain various Ports for multiple open source projects including Keras, Mongrel2, CloudCompare, and I2P, as well as and contribute updates to others such as Tor and Requests.

A list of my contributions can be seen at:

  • FreshBSD, which lists all the contributions I have made.
  • FreshPorts, which shows all the Ports I maintain.

The Tor Project

Tor is a popular Internet anonymity service run by volunteers like me! I am a relay (and exit) operator, as well as code contributor.

A list of my code contributions can be seen at:

I am also a relay operator and the status of my nodes can be seen here.

Former Projects


OnionLauncher is a launcher for the anonymity service Tor, for the purpose of having a GUI for setting Tor with custom options.

The source code can be seen at it's GitHub page.


TorNova (like OnionLauncher) is a launcher for Tor, and has some features such as built in circuit viewing and saving of settings. Unlike OnionLauncher, TorNova only supports a few built in options.

The source code can be seen at its GitHub page.


currtime is a command line operated real time clock designed for Unix-like operating systems.

The source code can be seen at its GitHub page.