I have been involved with a variety of projects. The most significant ones are shown here:


FreeBSD Ports

FreeBSD Ports is FreeBSD's package management system (similar to what apt-get on Debian and Ubuntu). I maintain a variety of packages for industry-leading software titles including Keras, Mongrel2, I2P, CloudCompare, and Nestopia. I have also contributed updates to other packages including Tor, Knot DNS, and Requests.

A list of the Ports I maintain can be seen at FreshPorts.

All the SVN commits for my Ports can be seen at FreshBSD.

The Tor Project

Tor is an online anonymity tool and service which works based on a three-hop design of routers run by volunteers. I am a regular contributor to Core Tor (the software which connects to the Tor network). My focus in Tor development is on IPv6 and Onion Services, but I have also contributed to other areas such as entry/guard optimizations, exit relay optimizations, and FreeBSD support. I also run 6 Tor relays, including four exit relays, all on FreeBSD.

A list of my Tor commits can be seen at Tor's Gitweb.

A list of my currently-running Tor relays can be seen at Tor Relay Search.


Miscellaneous Personal Software Projects

These are software projects that I have written "for fun" in the past, and are unmaintained:

  • OnionLauncher: Python/Qt5 Launcher for Tor
  • TorNova: Python/GTK3 Launcher for Tor
  • currtime: Real-time command-line operated clock for Unix-like systems with a few features