This is a non-exhaustive list of projects I have been involved in.


FreeBSD Ports

Ports is FreeBSD’s package management system (similar to what apt-get is on Debian and Ubuntu). I maintain a variety of Ports including well-known software titles such as Keras, NetSurf, CloudCompare, Mongrel2, Nestopia and I2P. I also maintain Ports for some lesser-known software titles and personal projects.

The list of Ports I maintain can be seen at FreshPorts, and the latest updates from my Ports can be seen at FreshBSD.

The Tor Project

Tor is an Internet anonymity service which routes traffic in three-hop “onion” circuit to increase anonymity. I contribute to Tor’s codebase, and run many relays including exits.

My contributions to Tor’s codebase focuses on IPv6 support and Onion Services, but I have also contributed to other areas such as entry relay optimizations, exit policy configuration, and FreeBSD support. These can be seen at Tor’s GitWeb. I have been contributing to Tor’s codebase since 2016.

I have also been running relays since 2014. I have run relays in the United States and in many European countries, all running FreeBSD as the underlying operating system. A list of relays I currently operate can be seen at Tor’s Relay Status.


Miscellaneous Software Projects

I have wrote a few software projects “for fun” in the past. The most significant include:

  • scrollify - Python program to scroll up or down in conjunction with xbindkeys
  • OnionLauncher - Python/Qt5 Tor Launcher
  • TorNova - Python/GTK3 Tor Frontend
  • currtime - Command line real-time clock for Unix-like systems with a few added features