Running Minecraft on FreeBSD

I certainly am late to the party, but I got a Minecraft license as a gift. As a user of FreeBSD on the desktop, I do run into a few problems, one being that I can't run Minecraft out of the box. To get Minecraft running on FreeBSD, first you need to install minecraft-client from FreeBSD Ports or pkg (whichever you prefer). Do not download Minecraft directly from [Read More]

FreeBSD, NVIDIA Driver 367.35 (or later), and dealing with the change of kernel module name to nvidia-modeset

UPDATE: A cleaner solution to this can be found in the section Cleaner Solution below. I moved it to the top as of August 30th. If you are still interested with the old cron based solution, it is in the section Old Solution. Cleaner Solution: Looking at the comments on FreeBSD's subreddit, user rhavenn has come up with a cleaner solution. It doesn't require cron, but instead uses kld_list [Read More]