Taming Noise on HPE ProLiant ML-series Tower Servers

As mentioned earlier, my homelab server is a HPE ProLiant ML110 Gen11 which is a single-socket Intel Sapphire Rapids-based server. One problem with this server is how much noise it generates. I swear, the ML110 Gen10 was much quieter.

It’s a big trouble especially since right now I’m “houseless” meaning I’m living with my brother and have my ML110 in a bedroom closet. However, with the default power settings it’s still very noisy especially when running a cluster of Tor relays.

To fix this:

  1. Log into iLO.
  2. Go to Power & Thermal.
  3. Click Power Settings.
  4. In the Power Regulator Settings, select Static Low Power Mode.
  5. you’ve done that, select Apply.

While noise won’t go completely, it’ll become pretty bearable when inside a closet. And oh, it’ll run cooler.

Keep in mind that there might be some performance penalty as it’s on a low power mode. I haven’t done benchmarks so I don’t know by how much.