Bypassing Frontier Connecticut GPON 802.1X with MikroTik

I’ve made it back eastwards! Yay! While my family looks for NYC hosing, I’m living in Stamford, CT in my brother’s townhouse/condo.

The condo has Frontier FiberOptic. But as Connecticut is a former AT&T market, unless you’re on XGS-PON which I’m not, GPON is based off AT&T Fiber with the infamous 802.1X requirement.

Initially, I used a Wi-Fi to Ethernet bridge but after having performance issues, I moved the Cat6 drops to near my equipment and “bypassed” the Frontier gateway.

The good news is the older AT&T Fiber bypass methods work on Frontier FiberOptic in Connecticut. The guide which can be followed is the AT&T Bypass thread on the MikroTik forums, namely the bridge method.

There is also a supplicant method but I haven’t tested this. And even if Frontier GPON in Connecticut is based off AT&T Fiber Frontier is not AT&T so the certificates may be different. I remember hearing about a decade ago about AT&T-to-Frontier migration troubles so I’ll assume they’re different.

You may also be able to bypass on other routers such as pfSense/OPNsense or Ubiquiti but I haven’t tested this. My IPv6 tunneling setup uses L2TP whereas IPv4 traffic is direct DHCP/IPoE. On MikroTik this works great because I can set only an IPv6 default gateway to L2TP while ignoring IPv4

Frontier XGS-PON does not need a bypass as Frontier is moving off 802.1X namely due to the fact that Frontier-acquired Verizon areas never used 802.1X. If you don’t wish to bypass but are fine with a truck roll, ask to get moved to XGS-PON (if available).